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Cana Village

Welcome to Cana Village: A Beacon of Hope for the Homeless

Cana Village is a proposed tiny home village dedicated to providing shelter and support for the homeless. At the wedding in Cana, Jesus turned water into wine. We hope the residents of Cana Village will also have miraculous transformations and build a brighter future. Here's what you need to know about our visionary project:

Tiny Homes, Big Impact:
Cana Village will offer more than just shelter. Each tiny home will be thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, security, and dignity to its residents. With a focus on privacy and personal space, our village layout will encourage a sense of belonging and community.


We understand that overcoming homelessness involves more than just having a roof over your head. That's why Cana Village will provide access to a range of supportive services, including counseling, job training, healthcare, and more. Our goal is to empower residents to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams.


Community Connection:
At Cana Village, you won't be just a resident – you'll be part of a caring community. From communal meals to shared gardens, our village will foster a sense of belonging and mutual support. Together, we can create a place where everyone feels valued and respected.

How You Can Help

Get Involved:
Whether you're a volunteer, donor, or advocate, there are many ways to support Cana Village's mission. From contributing funds or supplies to volunteering your time or expertise, every effort will make a difference in the lives of our residents.


Spread the Word:
Help us raise awareness about Cana Village and the issue of homelessness in our community. Share our website, social media posts, and stories of hope to inspire others to join our cause.


Learn More

Ready to learn more about Cana Village and how you can get involved? Visit our website for:

  • Detailed information about our mission, vision, and values

  • Updates on the progress of the village development

  • Opportunities for volunteering, donating, or supporting our cause

  • Stories of hope and transformation from Cana Village residents

Visit the Cana Village website today to learn more: 




Together, we can build a brighter future for everyone. Join us in creating Cana Village – a place where hope grows and lives are transformed.

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Friends and Community

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