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Are We Crazy For Doing This?

Our goal is to open a thrift store in 2022. We want to place donations boxes in strategic locations as well as accept drop offs at the store and buy a truck to collect more. Our hope is to have enough donated items that we can sell them to cover our expenses, fund our charity work, and still have enough left over to give to the homeless and provide free furniture and housewares to those transitioning into housing or aging out of foster care.

Its not glamorous work. In fact, sorting through and washing used clothes, and cleaning someone else's shoes could be pretty gross. And doing this with the goal of not making a profit could be seen as a little crazy. But our goal is to be a blessing, not to profit.

I wish I could say that I'm confident in the path we've chosen. That I know we'll be successful in our endeavors to open a business that will expand our charity work. But truth be told, there's a cloud of doubt and insecurity that casts a constant shadow over my excitement.

Ed and I have a very nice life. It's happy, humble

and uncomplicated. We're in our mid 50's, and our children are grown and on their own. Due to a neurological disorder that limits my mobility, I'm a homemaker and Ed works fulltime as a roofer. Our relationship is like the fading echo of a bygone era. And it works very well for us.

So why are we stepping out of our comfort zone at this late stage of life? The answer to that is simple. Because God has called on us to do more. After almost 9 years of helping those less fortunate in our spare time, God has asked us to help His children full time. And if God calls on you, He will make a way for it to happen. Of this, I have complete faith. But the head doesn't always allow the heart to lead the way.

The path isn't magically laid out. God isn't a genie who grants wishes. He guides your path to help you learn and form relationships and connections. But you have to do the work. It's like a teenage boy asking his father for a car, Would the father give him a car without first making him get his driver's license? So we are in the learning stage. How do we secure start up funding? What licenses do we need? Do we need insurance? How do we advertise? How do we get inventory? How does Ed transition from a paid employee to a business owner?

It's all very scary and we are open to help and mentorship. We truly appreciate your advice. We have a clear vision of what we want our business to look like, now we have to have faith that God will guide our steps. Please join us in prayer that our paths become clear, that the doors that need to open are opened and that we always keep God first in all we do. Amen.

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